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Time to talk about indoor and outdoor highest quality corporate travel agent in Mumbai. Team building activities are a great way to increase team efficiency. A team building can start from a play with the childhood style to clear the groups and can reach more complex activities. In a team building participants are urged to work smarter in achieving a predetermined goal. Even if a person can achieve outstanding results in a project, teamwork and joint efforts decide the success of a project.

Traba with snacks: Autumn all the fruits are harvested! For a day we will become “small producers” of traditional products: zacusca, jam, pickles, sweets and whatever else makes us crave! What makes this concept different? In the end we will donate to a group of children or disadvantaged people, all the products made by you in the teambuilding activity! See more info at Corporate travel agent Mumbai.

Depending on the type of event, you’ll need to decide on your event content. If it’s an internal event, it may be that the content isn’t going to be attractive. Perhaps there are sales figures that aren’t very good and need to be discussed. Whereas if the event if for an external audience the content may be more inspirational or informative. Use your company CRM to ascertain the interests of your audience. Then you can use this to plan the event content, and any leisure activities. For example, a middle-aged predominantly male audience may enjoy an event held at a golfing resort, which means they can play golf around the conference activities.

Team outdoor events provide a top opportunity for the team to relax. For an active and thrilling adventure, Natventure Camp Wada is the place to go to. Spread over 50 acres, 90km from Mumbai, Camp Wada is recommended if you are looking for an exciting outing with your team. Spend your time indulging in activities like flying fox, basket weaving, trekking, commando crossing, obstacle course, rope course, raft building, rowing, and kayaking. Have some fun doing some farming and being entertained with folk dance performances by villagers.

Here is another top location for team outing activities. A bounty of nature close to Mumbai filled with hills, valleys, rivers and waterfalls – that’s Karjat. There are a plethora of options available for adventure enthusiasts like Bhivpuri water rappelling and treks like Kothaligad, Peth Fort, Irshalgad, Dhak cha Bahiri and Bhimashankar and countryside bike rides and bicycle rides. There are also a number of resorts like Farm Resorts, Rivergate Resort or some vintage villas that offer a luxurious experience. There are also several adventure camps like Naturewadi that guarantee a day of adrenaline rush and help in team-bonding. Karjat is best suited for a quick trip and is a must-visit for instant rejuvenation. Source:

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