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3D printing service Denver latest news. 3D printing is a relatively new technique in the manufacturing world. Let’s start with some examples, focusing on 3D printing applications in the modern world.

Every day, more schools are incorporating 3D printing methods into their curriculums. The benefits of 3D printing for education helps better prepare students for their future by allowing students to create prototypes without the need for expensive tooling. Students design and produce models they can actually hold. 3D printing bridges the gap from ideas and images on a page or screen, allowing for the creation of those ideas/images in the physical, 3-dimensional world.

If you were wondering what to wear with that awesome 3D print-embellished shirt from earlier, here’s the perfect accessory: 3D printed shoes. 3D printing makes it easier and cheaper to customize designs, meaning that your weirdly large feet have a home here. This isn’t the first 3D printed car, but it is the first one build in one piece from the ground up! It was done on the show floor of International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, and it took an incredible two days just to build the body. Even cooler, the design is open-source.

Searching for 3D printing services in Denver? The process of 3D printing a kevlar part or product to fruition isn’t linear. There are many things to consider along the way, and many paths can lead to a solution that works. We are here to make sure that you settle for only the best solution, and compromise as little of your original design intent as possible. With our experience, and the resources we have at our disposal, we can make sure that you are made aware of all the variables and considerations that go into making a 3D printed kevlar product successful. Read more info at Kevlar 3D printing.

The protection of intellectual property has grown increasingly more complex an issue with the introduction of 3D printing. Many are looking to regulators and IP related organizations to craft rules that everyone can work with. This will not be an easy task. Computer security is a top priority for every industry related to computers and cyberspace. It’s only recently that cyber security and threats of hacking have come to the forefront of 3D printing. When it comes to security for additive manufacturing, it is not something the industry takes for granted. There are several issues related to security when it comes to 3D printing technology. The two most talked about are the purposeful introduction of print flaws, and the theft of data files for printing from the printer itself.

Geoff is an industrial designer with ten years of product development service and mechanical design experience. He received his bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University, and has Solidworks and additive manufacturing certifications. Source:

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