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Expats tips to pick the best travel destinations in Europe. What or whom will we meet on our next trip? I also know people who are going to miss the present. Which are never really present in the place where they are. Run through the landscape and immortalize the present with the camera to look at images in the future. Or to show it to friends via Facebook. People who carry a list of tourist objectives that they tick with the wind speed.

Dubrovnik – Walls of Dubrovnik: Overlooking the turquoise waters of southern Croatia is the mighty and medieval Walls of Dubrovnik. If you are a Game of Thrones fanatic, these are must visit attractions that you’ve already seen in King’s Landing. In fact, the Bokar Fortress, Seaside Walls, Minceta Tower, and West Walls of Dubrovnik were used in filming the hit HBO series. Edinburgh – Arthur’s Seat: Arthur’s Seat offers a summit perfect for viewing the entirety of Edinburgh, Scotland. Originally known as the Height of Arrows, this magnificent hilltop is actually an ancient volcano. Today the hill is a 250-foot high peak perfect for hillwalking and enjoying the Scottish air.

When thinking of Venice, people tend to have a stereotypical image of an Italian man with a moustache standing on a gondola and sailing down the Grand Canal in Venice. Although there are many canals in the city of Venice, the Grand Canal is the main waterway through the city. The canal is 3.8 kilometers long and stretches between the San Marco basin at one end and th3e lagoon by the Santa Lucia railway station at the other. It is used as a waterway for public transport, including the famous gondolas, water buses, and private water taxis. The canal is lined by houses, shops, restaurants, and historical structures. It is an interesting and unique way to travel across Venice and see the city from a different perspective.

Expats in Europe tip of the day : If you only visit big cities, you’re gonna miss out: For example, if you’re in Spain, you’re going to see Madrid. That’s obvious. But don’t forget to travel up the coast and hit the smaller towns in between, as well. You can learn so much more about a country when you interact with people who don’t meet tourists very often, especially if you speak the language. Read extra details on WBTEurope.

Outline Your Goals: Even if you’re relocating as part of your job, it’s still a great opportunity for personal growth. Make a few goals for what you would like to experience or achieve while abroad and stick to them. This can make your time abroad feel more productive and fulfilling- even when feeling homesick. Look to the Locals : It’s very easy as an expat to get stuck inside an expat social circle. While it’s great to have friends that are in the same situation as you, it’s also important to get a real taste of the culture you’ve been submerged in. The best way to do this is to befriend the locals.

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