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EMV Level 3 testing and certifications company? Don’t go another day without an EMV certified terminal simply because your provider or payment application isn’t EMV certified. Take advantage of the quick solutions PayJunction offers and start accepting EMV today. Get a free EMV certified terminal today! Has your business struggled to accept EMV chip cards? Were you unaware of these EMV certification details? Contribute to the discussion below, we’d love to hear from you!

EMV initially prevented fraudulent “card-present” transactions because the chip card, which encrypts the data and generates a unique transaction code for each purchase, was considered extremely difficult to duplicate. However, in 2018, crooks in Brazil were the first to figure out how to create valid EMV duplicates. See 3-D Secure.

Chip and PIN Definition. These transactions are often referred to as “Chip and PIN” because PIN entry is required to verify the customer is the genuine cardholder. This is a simplification since the EMV specifications include other cardholder verification methods as well.

Our aim is to help companies to complete EMV Level 2 and Level 3 contact and contactless certification smoothly and in a short time. We use any test tools that the client selected to test cards, terminals, hosts, and payment networks. We provide payment testing & certification services to assist stakeholders. We help your team to give real-time answers to technical, and non-technical EMV questions and subjects. See even more details at EMV Level 2 testing and certifications company.

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