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Achieve PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate advices with Ask for noise cancellation headphones; some exam centers have them. Consider the fact that you may be finishing your exam while others may be just starting with theirs. Some exam takers may need to go to the staff center to check their results or inquire in case of other possible issues and hold onto the headphones more than necessary. There may be a limited amount of headphones available, so make sure to always secure yours in advance. Project Integration Management is KEY since it can only be done by the project manager. Therefore, you are likely to find many questions about this knowledge area.

The PMP exam is based on “A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide” (PMBOK Guide). The first step to acing the exam is to fully read and understand the entire PMBOK Guide which is the foundation of your study plan for the PMP exam. You must read through the UPDATED PMBOK Guide, to understand the structure of the PMP exam. But keep in mind that this 200-item exam will not depend on the PMBOK Guide, alone. This is where you’re project management experience will also come into play. The exam is an application of the principles of the PMBOK Guide to various situations in the industry. So, a good balance between work experience, and the PMBOK Guide is needed.

Currently in the market, there are vendors who will provide you PMP review material or PMP Dumps. By reading those materials, you can attempt mostly 400-450 question only if the questions are not changed. But if the questions change (which happens most of the times), then you might fail the exam. Another case is of you not remembering those questions properly, you will lose concentration and you will be destabilized. Discover even more information on PMP Dumps.

Do you have any recommendations for future PMP candidates? I would recommend the future PMP candidates to allocate a good amount of time revision and sample PMP exam practice after completion of mandatory 35 hours of training. The revision will help you to revisit all the topics and clarify your doubts. The sample exam will test your knowledge and application of it on different scenario-based questions. It will also help to finish the 200 questions within 4 hours in the real exam.

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