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Get to know Edna Freeman and some of her ideas? Edna Freeman is an American mental health advocate and mother who has overcome childhood trauma in her own life and is passionate about ensuring today’s children don’t need to suffer without early intervention. Edna uses her story of overcoming traumatic childhood abuse to show others that they are not alone and that there is no shame in asking for help.

Do you believe that most mental health issues stem from a form of childhood trauma? Some cases are caused by trauma, and some are hereditary. What can parents do to ensure their young child grows up with good mental health? Can a parent accidentally cause trauma without realizing it? A parent can do good to the child by watching them and really listening to them. If your child show signs go talk to a professional as soon as possible and don’t take the first diagnosis. Make sure to talk to a few professionals before accepting any diagnosis. But the most important is to be there for your child.

For readers who feel they need to discuss trauma and abuse they’ve suffered, what should they do? Looking for a therapist is the first step or an organization like NAMI. My tip is to really find a therapist you like and feel a connection with. I had many therapists throughout the years, but only half were a good match. It is ok to try and feel before committing.

Edna Freeman is a Brazilian survivor of abuse during childhood and adolescence, and currently uses her personal experience to help children and adults who are experiencing this type of situation. She is a mother of two and currently lives in San Francisco, United States, with her family. Faster intervention allows people who have suffered from physical, mental and emotional trauma to cope better in the future. As she has been through these problems in her life, she uses this as a way to connect with families and manage to resolve the situation they are going through, always playing less and helping more. Your goal is to make the world a better place by helping one family at a time.

One of her hobbies is being a cosplayer, on her Instagram profile, it is easy to see several photos where she is dressed as a character. He has participated in several events such as Comic Con and other conventions of the genre and met several artists, Sthephen Amell and Emily Bett from the Arrow series, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny from The X-Files, Lana Parrilla from Once Upon a Time are some of the names that Edna has already had the opportunity to meet. Another great interest of Edna is in travel, with her husband she has already visited countries like Italy, France, Greece, Japan, England, Bahamas, Argentina and many others, not to mention the different states she met in the United States itself, which is where she lives.

In addition to being a model and an actress, Edna Freeman is also a digital influencer. The fame began through his posts on Instagram, and gradually the public was approving the content, ranging from maternity and beauty to travel and lifestyle. In other words, what she considered a distant dream came true. “A lot of good things are coming,” he assured during an exclusive chat with us.

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